Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and learn a bit more about me.

As a coach, I help people pursue deeper personal and professional development. By clicking on the section entitled "Coaching" you can learn about how coaching can be used to facilitate one's well-being.

Through my work as an attorney and family law mediator, I have helped hundreds of clients and families whose lives are in "transition." By far and away, the most satisfying part of my work has been to have the opportunity to witness people tap into their inner strength and wisdom in order to move into the next chapter of their lives. The world is filled with courage, and I love to be a part of it! 

During the course of my practice, I have come to see the importance of a personal coach and know that the lessons of divorce and changes in family structure apply to so many other aspects of our lives --  whether it be graduating from college, becoming a parent for the first time, switching jobs, moving to a new place, embarking on a different career, parenting a teenager, adjusting to the new normal during the pandemic, taking care of a family member, or just wanting to implement some form of change (big or small) in one's life.   

It's an honor and privilege to work with men, women, and families toward our universal goals of living our best lives. 

All my best,

Heather xo